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We require a minimum of 65’ of length, 10’ of width, and 11’ of height to navigate the lounge into position. Any bridges on property must be able to support a minimum of 18,000 lbs Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). This vintage Airstream is polished to a shine so it is very important that we keep it away from brush overhanging entry roads. Please measure gates and overhanging trees. 


Because this is a truck + trailer combo, the logistics of positioning are very different than that of delivery trucks and buses. As a rule of thumb, if an 18 wheeler would not fit, we may not either. The lounge is 35’ long, 9’ wide, and 11’ tall (similar to a modern travel trailer) and pulled by a 22’ long truck (1 ton pickup truck, aka “dually”). The door to the lounge is on the passenger side of the trailer.  

Once in position, the truck which houses the necessary generators and fuel to run the lounge can be disconnected and moved to driver’s side of the trailer where it will be opposite of the lounge door so that the trailer will block it from view OR it can stay connected to significantly reduce set-up and tear-down time if that helps with your logistics.


The lounge can set up on most hard surfaces, but the ground must be relatively level. For safety reasons, sloped driveways and rolling terrain are not appropriate areas for the lounge to be set up.

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