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  • What areas do you service?
    Silver Smoke Cigars is based in High Point, North Carolina, but the beauty of being mobile means we come to you wherever you are!
  • How big is the lounge?
    Our lounge is 34 feet long by 8 feet wide and comfortably seats 18-22 guests inside with additional outdoor seating provided as well. Whether you have 2 or 9,000 guests, we take great pride in managing the flow to ensure we properly accommodate events of all sizes! You can read more about our measurements and see parking requirement diagrams HERE.
  • Who operates the lounge?
    Our knowledgeable tobacconists will be on hand to welcome and serve guests to ensure everyone is having an enjoyable cigar experience.
  • Does the lounge have a humidor?
    The lounge is equipped with a custom-built cabinet humidor that can display up to 1,200 cigars. Please contact us if more quantities are needed for your event. You can see more photos of the inside of the lounge HERE.
  • What types of cigars do you offer?
    The cigar inventory has been carefully curated by the tobacconists to include a wide array of mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. About 70% of our selection will accommodate those trying for the first time; about 10% includes more rare, vintage cigars. Please let us know if you have a favorite cigar that you would like to have included for your event.
  • Can I rent the lounge without cigars?
    Of course! Whether you are looking to take engagement photos or doing a corporate photo shoot, we can put together a custom lounge rental package at a reduced rate that does not require attended cigar service.
  • Is alcohol allowed in the lounge?
    Alcohol is permitted in the lounge, but Silver Smoke Cigars does not sell alcohol.
  • Are cigarettes or vape pens allowed?
    To preserve the atmosphere of the lounge, we ask that only our premium cigars be enjoyed inside the lounge.
  • Does the lounge have air-conditioning and heat?
    Our lounge is completely climate controlled with 3 separate HVAC systems and is also equipped with redundant smoke evacuation systems to preserve a comfortable environment. We bring in all new, outside conditioned air every 57 seconds.
  • How much time is required for set up and tear down?
    We will arrive at your event about an hour in advance in order to set up the lounge. After the rental period ends, we will need approximately an hour to make the trailer travel ready.
  • Do you require power access from the venue?
    We are fully self-sufficient and provide our own power thanks to ultra-quiet, clean burning generators. No utilities are required to be provided by you
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